Lo Smanet

Lo Smanet

As an illustrator, my participation in a craft market is an exciting opportunity to showcase my work and connect with a diverse audience. At the Lo Smanet market, I set up a booth where I display my illustrations, prints on fabrics such as t-shirts and tote bags, and other artistic creations.
This was a great opportunity to express my personal creative side and also to make my products known, one of the most important aspects of my participation was to interact with visitors and potential customers, where I had the chance to talk about my creative process, my inspirations and the representation of my technique, which has allowed me to establish a connection by sharing the stories behind my illustrations.

During the craft market, I often offer live demonstrations or workshops to offer insight into my creative process. This not only allows me to showcase my skills but also offers visitors the opportunity to learn and relate to the art in a hands-on way. It is always rewarding to see the excitement and enthusiasm on their faces as they immerse themselves in the artistic process.

Of course, participating in a craft market also comes with its challenges. From setting up an eye-catching booth to managing inventory and sales, there is a lot to consider. However, these challenges are part of the learning process and contribute to the overall growth and development of my art career.
Overall, my participation as an illustrator at Lo Smanet was a rewarding experience with excellent and warm organizers who were at all times aware of the participants. It allows me to connect with art enthusiasts, share my passion for illustration and contribute to the creative community.

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