About This Project

Micro is a company founded in Guadalajara, Mex. which is responsible for fumigation and extermination of pests, this time I plunged into the world of pests and insects, I did extensive research and one of the most constant pests in this region of Mexico are cockroaches, these nasty insects that reproduce very easily and contaminate everything in its path, I must say that one of my phobias are cockroaches and flying ones more, so I gave myself the task of creating a concept where visually camouflage the typography with the extermination of the insect that usually tend to get belly up, the result was charming to the client because in a subtle way you see the insect being crushed with the name of the company Micor in this way visually represent effectively the service that this company offers. At the moment it is a company that has positioned itself in the first places at the time of solving this type of not pleasant problems for those who suffer them.