G tessitura

About This Project

Craftsmanship is more and more valued every day, the transformation of basic natural raw materials through non-industrial production processes, make the product is enriched and appreciated more and more.

G tessitura by hand more than a craft store is a tradition that has passed from generation to generation, there is no better heritage than knowledge and G tessitura is an example of this, beyond sharing the moment of creation, the tradition that unites comes converted into a physical object that you can touch, decorate and even wear, it is a magical moment and with this spirit I contacted Giovana a craftswoman who is dedicated to weaving since she can remember because she inherited the tradition from her mother and her mother from her grandmother.

In the logo you can appreciate her two passions, one is knitting and the other is the passion for felines, making a game with the silhouettes and elements that combine graphically creating a subtle fusion easy to recognize.

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